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NGO Light


Our organization aims to improve the lives of young people in Ukraine, especially in wartime conditions. Thanks to the organization of various activities for the comprehensive development of youth (informal education, psychological support, volunteering, career guidance, leisure, etc.).

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Liubov Nazarko



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It is important for our team to be represented at the festival of youth organizations in order to get to know other organizations, exchange experience of working with young people, especially in war conditions, and find opportunities for cooperation in the future.

Location: Chernivtsi region

All organizations: Youth engagement


All members of the NGO «Light» are employees or volunteers of the municipal institution "Youth Center of Chernivtsi "Youth Residence". After the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, our team organized work in the coordination center for the provision of humanitarian aid, which operated on the basis of the Chernivtsi Youth Center "Residence of Youth" under the Chernivtsi City Council. We collected, sorted and sent aid for civilians and military personnel in the war zone and for IDPs currently living in the Chernivtsi territorial community. Total since 05.03. From 2022 to 07/27/2022, 252 shipments were sent to those cities and villages where requests came from the military, civilians, and health care institutions.

We also engaged in the development of volunteerism and the integration of internally displaced persons into community life through volunteering in our center.

Another area of ​​our work since the beginning of the war has been supporting the psychological state of community residents, in particular volunteers and the team of the coordination center. Three support groups with psychologists were created to help volunteers and the team not burn out during this difficult time.

Now we are returning to the usual pre-war work, but, of course, in new conditions, because we are focusing on the integration and adaptation of internally displaced youth. We implement the project "Youth Integration Centers of the West" in Chernivtsi (donor organization: USAID), conduct art therapy for young people, meetings of the psychological workshop club «#For relationships", engage in informal education.

The team members had experience working in #UNFPAUkraine. On the initiative of the head of the NGO, a survey was implemented within the framework of IBM. In addition, on July 18-19, 2022, with the support of #UNFPAUkraine, municipalities conducted an online survey on the needs of young people (including IDPs) in the Chernivtsi urban territorial community. 719 young people took part in it.
Helping one of the largest shelters in Chernivtsi, where more than 600 internally displaced persons live, can also be considered a successful project. Our organization was engaged in the administration of the grant. We purchased and donated household appliances to the shelter, including refrigerators, washers and dryers, ovens, and microwave ovens. The total cost is UAH 200,000.
We implemented the artistic and inclusive project "Art without borders", which aimed to integrate youth with disabilities and internally displaced youth into community life through art. Young people in pairs created 7 paintings using the fluid art technique, established a common language among themselves, and the created paintings were sold at an auction in support of the Armed Forces and contributed to the purchase of a car for defenders.

In August 2022 we also organized a series of trainings on providing pre-medical care "On time". 100 high school students from the city of Chernivtsi became participants in the project.


Firstly, 80% of our team are young people who actually want to live and develop in Ukraine, so we understand the needs and interests of young people. Secondly, our team cannot stay away from the situation that has developed in our country due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. That is why we strive to create conditions for a comfortable life for young Ukrainians, especially those who were forced to leave their homes due to the war.