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NGO Shtuka


Youth empowerment, dialogue building among youth and military veterans via joint actions. Cultural projects conduction & media products creation to address the social issues. Currently — humanitarian aid to war-affected communities of Donetsk oblast'.

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Ivan Paramonov


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What are we looking for?

We would like to share our current state of affairs and find prospective partners for our podcasts & IDP youth integration project. Especially if there's going to be youth NGO engaged into adapting young Ukrainians in Denmark - to exchange our experience and to think about future joint ideas on this topic

Location: Donetsk region, Kyiv, Lviv

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Before full-scale invasion of russia our NGO mostly targeted at youth empowerment and reconciliation with young military veterans by joint construction of civic spaces. Last year we have successfully installed a skatepark with a help of local youth jointly with veterans in Popasna, Luhansk oblast'. Currently the city is occupied and park is destroyed.
Additionally, we have created various media products , e.g. animation on COVID-19 topic, arthouse movie about poor fate of local young miner from Donbas region and other short videos to address different social topics.
Currently, we are engaged mostly in delivering humanitarian aid to vulnerable people in hostile areas of Donetsk oblast'.
Our future plans include getting back to our cultural and dialogue building projects. We plan to start a series of podcasts to showcase the current young volunteers (both civilians and those who volunteered to join the military) to show how it is important for youth to retain Ukraine as a state.
Our another planned project is a social hackathon aimed at integration of IDP youth in western Ukraine.
We are willing to discover the issues which IDP youth deals with currently and ways to overcome it via social projects that our participants will generate during the hackathon which we will support financially & with mentorship from our side since all members of our team have significant civic activism experience.


The feeling of collective responsibility to develop our country and to contribute it as best as we can by means we are good at.


I'd like to share the original version of the video, shot during our humanitarian mission in Sloviansk , Donetsk oblast (10 km from the frontline): youtu.be/cXYy2A-h7HY