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“Oleksandr Pedan’s movement “Junior”


We are improving the psychological and physical health of children and the nation in general through physical activities.

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Mariya Pavlichuk


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What are we looking for?

We would like to share our positive experience, which may inspire others to join our initiatives, to launch more various projects and to reach new levels of cooperation.

Location: All around Ukraine, the headquarter is in Kyiv

All organizations: Youth engagement


Junior is an NGO, which promotes physical activities among children and teenagers, aiming to change their attitude to PE classes, helping them to find suitable sports, which would become a healthy habit and improve physical and mental health.


We are sure that every child in Ukraine must have free access to physical activities and sport games and we are working on making PE syllabus equal for all genders, including teamwork, inclusive and varied. We are not about high achievement sports and trophies. We are about making even any small physical activity routine enjoyable for each of us.