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The All-Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Moot Court


The All-Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Moot Court is the first educational project in Ukraine aimed to raise students' awareness of the problem of corruption in Ukraine and improve theoretical and practical skills in criminal law and procedure in the investigation of corruption crimes.

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Oleksandra Miroshnyk



What are we looking for?

We strongly believe that participation in the program will give our young but very ambitious team the knowledge and resources (new partnerships, networking) to organize the International Anti-Corruption Moot court for students from all over Europe and to continue to help the best students to find internships in state agencies. It is very meaningful for us to share our experiences on how we can be vaccinated against corruption on the local, all-Ukrainian and international levels. Also to inform about the policy of Ukraine in this direction: successes and problems in implementation.

Location: Kharkiv and Kyiv

All organizations: Youth engagement


The project objectives are: to raise students' awareness about the results of the AC institutions' activities, as well as their interest in the problem of corruption in Ukraine, to improve students' theoretical and practical skills in criminal law, and investigating corruption crimes to unite students from different regions of Ukraine in their fight against corruption. Firstly, the innovation of the project is a pre-trial investigation action (imitation of search of the premises and the selection of preventive measures) which has never been done before as a competition. Secondly, it’s close cooperation between the students and the anti-corruption experts. The All-Ukrainian Anti-corruption Moot Court has been selected as a WORLD JUSTICE CHALLENGE 2022 HONORABLE MENTION and was showcased at the World Justice Forum 2022 in the Hague.


By creating this project, we wanted to teach future lawyers how to fight corruption at practice, how to investigate correctly, how to conduct a pre-trial investigation in a legal way and how to protect the right of criminals according to the law.