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We develop Ukrainian youth science and involve business and state and international organizations in this process. We carry out our mission in projects such as Science Mentoring — a program to support students in writing scientific papers and others that solve current problems of society and science.

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Mykhailo Shtopko


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Unfortunately, the issue of the development of science is not relevant to many people. Many Ukrainian scientists immigrated to the countries of Europe and the USA, which caused the question of whether we still have opportunities for the development of Ukrainian science. We want to prove that Ukraine can make a significant contribution to the development of world science: discover new talents, make discoveries, carry out innovative developments, etc. We know that we are capable of this, and joint actions and cooperation with the EU will help us find potential partners and present our initiative at a fairly high level.

Location: Chernihiv region as the main one + all around Ukraine

All organizations: Youth engagement


The first and most important goal of our organization is the popularization of science among the youth of Ukraine. How do we implement this? We constantly try to involve students in activities and initiatives that would reveal the potential of young scientists and give them the opportunity to solve current issues. The finalists of the Science Mentoring program, created by the UkrTeenScience team, get access to laboratories, and in the future, the opportunity to present their ideas at Ukrainian and international events. In addition, our team is engaged in extensive coverage of scientific issues on the organization's social networks. We believe that this is exactly how support for science should be, and therefore we confidently continue to implement such projects.


We are driven by our mission and values. We want to build the basement of science and society of future Ukraine.